Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gym and Tonic

Well, Banuary still roles on and it got me thinking.

They should open a gym for people like me who like booze.

Here's the clever bit. The gym also brews incredible ale and lager.

So, you get a personal trainer who uses drink as an incentive to make you workout harder.

'20 minutes more on the bike Richard and you can have half a pint of our wonderful winter warmer'

You see, you can't get this beautiful booze anywhere else but the gym, so it makes you go back there to drink their special brew.

A brilliant thought i am sure you will agree.

Here's to Gym and Tonic.

1 comment:

abe said...

Certainly the worst idea you've ever had.

I used to work out with a yank who couldn't believe we had a boozer next to our gym.

Drink juice - you'll feel better.