Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yes yes yallin.

Peter told me to read Yes Man by Daniel Wallace.

I agreed, Yes, i should read the Yes Man, so that is indeed what i am doing.

I am reading the Yes Man.

Anyway, i went to the book shop and said i would like to read the Yes Man, and could they point me to where i could find it please.

The man did, he pointed to where it was.

Without looking i picked up the book and took it to the counter where i purchased the book the man told me to get.

I started reading it, it is very very good.

Anyway, only after reading it for about a week did i realise that the front cover was infact the same image used to market the film that has been made out of the book.

I feel robbed! My status in ruins!

There i am reading a book that probably did well in The Guardian - thus raising my status, to people thinking i am reading the adaptations of a rubbish film by Jim Carey!

I'm in tatters!

Anyway, i then got over it and had another thought.

Advertisers should pay people to put jackets on their books selling their products!

This might even help to get more people reading.

Right, I'm done. Thanks for reading all these words, there were an awful lot after all.

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