Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's all about the trains!

I was back in Gloucestershire at the weekend and darling Mummy has purchased darling Bessie a train set a bit like this one here;

So it was of course my duty as an Uncle to sit for hours making the best layout i could, of course then offering Bessie fun and enjoyment that perhaps other Uncles wouldn't have been able to offer.

It was awesome!

It is so addictive! It is the new drug, I've heard Doherty is all over Geo Trax!

Anyway, then i was reading The blog of Ben Harris and he was talking about the trains too.

Apparently Paul Smith has a train set in his brief case, bravo Paul, bravo other person.

So, it would appear train sets are right now, happening, 2.0! If you have one, get it out, let it make you happy, let it make others happy.

I'm off down the shop to get me a Dee Double Oh Gauge!

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