Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Sun isn't as bright.

Monday morning's main back page story on The Sun was all about Jenson Button winning the Australian Grand Prix, well done Jenson, well done.

Anyway, the headline was 'The Brawn Supremacy', of course playing on the fact that Jenson drives for BrawnGP and his fellow driver, Rubens Barichello finished second giving them a supreme performance.

Then, this morning, we see this;

Now, forgive me The Sun, but i think this is very very lazy, simply using a film franchise to help write your headlines.

I think they now need to force a scenario where they can then use 'The Bourne Identity' as their main headline.

Perhaps they can uncover the name of a massive crustation living a fictitious life off the coast of Kent? Surely that would require a 'The Prawn Identity' headline.

Anyway, i think i'll leave it there.

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