Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You know when you've been minted!

And so it has begun!

Last night, whilst at the pub - like obviously - a new arrival made its way into my handbag!

A glorious spankingly new 5 pence coin!

Not sure if you have seen but the Royal Mint had a competition to design the backs for a new set of coins that would be put into circulation.

Anyway, the winning design is super as all the coins come together to form The Shield of the Royal Arms, oh yes!

So, i have taken it upon myself to see how long it takes me to collect the set.

I have set up a Flickr gallery so that you can track my progress.

I suggest others do the same, we can have a race to see who can collect them all first. And i will not be asking fiends and family, i will just be checking change from retail outlets and entertainment establishments.

Coin it in!

1 comment:

Matthew said...

I'm in the race!