Tuesday, October 23, 2007

'I'm out'

I was watching Dragons Den last night, love it, love it all.

Anyway, I had this idea ages ago about a chain of shops that offer you nothing more than a lovely shower, and was wondering whether to take it on the show.

Imagine.......you finish work on a Friday night, been a tough day, hot.

'Dave, lets meet in 20 minutes, Brewers Arms alright, i'm just going down to The Shower Shop for a quick freshen up'

So, Dave walks in, 'hello', it has a lovely ambience, good tunes, lots of attentive staff, smells lovely.

He picks his shower,

£3 will get him a standard shower.

A fiver gets Dave a lovely shower and his clothes freshened up, come back smelling nice.

£7.50 gets him a proper good shower down, you know, big walk in beast, couple of heads. Double lush.

Tenner and Dave is in wet heaven. Sky Sports. Music. Telephone. Proper style. Ironed briefs, its a simple joy.

You can even buy the showers if you so fancy, so it could be a try before you buy too.

So, each shop could have 20 to 30 different cubicles for punters to use. Decor is modern Swedish happiness. Loads of well dressed staff, you can even have drinks delivered to your shower.

There will also be tiny outlets in train stations, etc.

I'm looking for £200,000 for a 25% stake.

'I'm in'

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Jake said...

That's what my gym membership is for.