Friday, May 27, 2011

That stinks!!

So i am always trying to come up with an idea that will make me rich meaning i never after to work again.

Well, i think i have it.

On many mornings i get to work needing a pee. So i walk into the chaps loo and innocently open a cubicle door. 8 out of 10 times i am greeted by the stink of someone else's death. It really is the most horrible thing to happen so early in the morning.

So, here is the simple solution.

In each cubicle you install a simple smell sensor. This sensor obviously will be programmed to know when the smell is so bad it should not be consumed by another human. At times like this, and when no one is in the cubicle, it simply locks the door, meaning the door will remain locked until the smell goes.

Simple as that, once the smell has abated, the door re-opens allowing you in to take a pee.

You will then never ever have to walk into another mans filth.

I reckon Theo Profaeces will be well in.

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